Tax Planning

If you earn money, you need to pay tax. We help our clients to focus on the first part of their efforts and we take care of helping them with an efficient tax planning along with handling the associated administrative processes related to filing of tax returns, advance taxes, etc.

We have an in-house talent pool of Qualified Chartered Accountants to assist client in Taxation matters arising out their income in India. In addition to generalised taxation matters, we also specialise in Non Resident (NRI) taxation and FEMA matters.

In order to ensure that our clients enjoy their profits out of their investments, we are glad to provide taxation advise with regards to the following:

  • Updating clients on a regular basis on any changes in tax regulations which affects them.
  • Structuring of assets and investments to allow for efficient usage of tax exemptions in India.
  • Computation of taxable income, deposit of taxes with the taxation authorities.
  • Filing of tax returns
  • Assisting with tax refund related formalities.
  • Attending to any tax queries and tax appeals.