Insurance Services

Insurance helps in bearing the risk in an unfortunate event occurring to a person which may vary from demise of a person to medical costs arising out of an illness. To cater to these requirements there are multiple insurance products available in the financial markets and we assist our client to choose the required cover. To find out more details, browse through the different types of insurance products below

Life Insurance

Loss of a life cannot be compensated for and this is the basis of Life Insurance products. Term Insurance Covers pay a lumpsum in an unfortunately incident of death of an insured person.

Medical Insurance

Hospitalisation expenses can severely dent one's finances. Medical Insurance could cover such expenses.

Critical Illness Covers

Critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. can severely impact finances and lifestyles. CI covers help in a lumpsum being paid if such an event arises.

Home Insurance

Fire, earthquake, floods or such wide range of risks and wipe out a home which could be a single biggest asset for a family. Protect it with a home insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance

An unfortunate accident can leave a person disabled for life or at worse result in untimely death. This insurance provides coverage against such risks.