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Mutual Fund

You may have heard from some one or the other the term Mutual Funds and may have wondered what they are. Thoughts may have come to your mind as to whether you would be able to make millions out of it or may loose your money in the fund. Before we explain how we assist our clients with the right selection of mutual funds, let us first explain what a mutual fund is.

A Mutual Fund is a pool of money that is invested by an Asset Management Company (AMC) in line with a common investment objective. This pool is created by millions of investors who intrust the duty to invest their money to a fund manager of the AMC.The fund manager ensures that the funds are invested safely in line with the objective and also tries to keep maintain liquidity, give a regular income or grow the money long term. In return the AMC charges on a yearly basis a fund management fees which is a small fraction of the total funds being managed.

Mutual funds are primarily of three types- Equity, Debt or Liquid funds. Equity funds invest into stock markets and are suited to investors who want capital appreciation. Debt funds invest mainly into government securities, bonds, corporates & institutional debts. Lastly, Liquid funds invest into short-term government securities & money market instruments and are an excellent mechanism of parking money for short durations.

Investors can make money from mutual funds either by dividends declared by AMCs or by capital appreciation.

At Banyan, we aim to ensure that our clients are not lost amidstthe myriads of mutual funds available in the market. Our team in Banyan assists our clients in investing their money in the most appropriately suited Mutual fund, based upon the client's preferences and requirements.
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