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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I assess the financial advisory capability of Banyan Financial Advisors?

Banyan Financial Advisors have a satisfied client base of High Networth Individuals (HNIs), NRIs, Individuals and Corporates. In case of all of our clients, the most important achievement which we have made is gaining their confidence and trust towards our ability to provide them appropriate advise to suit their financial requirements. Moreover, our clients appreciate our level of transparency of operations and reporting.

Our advisory is based on solid research with no hunch factor involved. We strongly believe in cherry picking the fundamentally good investment venues that would provide strong returns to our client's portfolios.

How much return can I expect?

The level of returns which can be expected out of a portfolio depends upon the type of instruments in which one has invested. Generally, Debt & Money Market oriented portfolios give lesser returns as compared to Equity oriented portfolio. Moreover the taxes and inflation eat up much of the returns generated by such instruments. The return generated by Equity oriented portfolios varies upon the market situations. The financial history of past two decades clearly shows that the return generated by Equity Oriented portfolio surpasses by multiple times the effects of inflation and taxes. Above all, our aim is to ensure that the capital invested by our clients remains safe and is not eroded by the after effects of inflation and taxes.

How will I be informed about the status of my portfolio?

We appreciate that you need to be informed about the performance of your portfolio. We are working upon a solution to provide you online access to your portfolio along with important reports such as capital gain summary, return analysis, etc. In the meantime please contact us when ever you need your portfolio statement and we shall email them to you promptly. Also on a regular basis (monthly / quarterly), the fund statement is sent by the respective AMC to the investor.

How safe are my investments when done via Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are operated and managed by Asset Management Companies (AMCs). By definition, mutual funds are mutually owned by lots of investors and are primarily aimed towards small investors who can achieve the benefits of diversification and growth with their limited funds. All AMCs are heavily regulated by SEBI (financial services regulator in India) to ensure that the funds of investors are safe and is not misappropriated.

Who all can avail our services?

Our services can be availed by the following categories of persons:
  1. Individuals

  2. Hindu Undivided Families (HUF)

  3. Association of Persons

  4. Limited Companies

  5. Non Resident Indians (NRI), Overseas Companies/ Trusts, firms and societies (subject to RBI approval)

What does Banyan Financial Advisors get in return of providing the services?

Banyan Financial Advisors charge a service fee for providing financial advisory services to its clients. Such fees is based upon the type of advisory work. For mutual fund based investments sourced via us, we propose to charge a fixed percentage charge on the investments made by our clients. Currently we have waived of our fees until notified by us in future. Further, AMCs remunerate us with commission income which range from 0 - 1% of the investment amount.

How would Banyan Financial Advisors perform an assessment of my needs and my risk appetite?

At Banyan, it is of utmost importance for us to understand the requirements of our clients before advising any suitable investment portfolio mix. We shall perform an assessment of the risk appetite of our clients by requesting them to fill up a simple online questionnaire on our website. Along with the same, we shall hold detailed conversations with our clients to understand any specific requirements that should require our attention.

Is there a lock in time for the investments made through Banyan Financial Advisors?

There are absolutely no restrictions on any investments made through Banyan Financial Advisors. However, there may be some long term investments which may be made after considering our client's requirements which may not be redeemable before the expiry of the term. In such cases, we inform our clients accordingly.
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